June SmileScope

Smile Scope for June:

Here we are, half way through 2013. Yup, it has been six months since you made those New Year’s Resolutions! It’s time to evaluate. How’s it going? Are you making progress on your goals? Fantastic! Have you gotten distracted? No worries! You are getting the wake up call right now!

Look at your progress honestly. Do not “Should” on yourself! For example, “I should be doing X or I should have done Y.” This will not help and will only serve to bring you down. Breathe. If you are where you had hoped to be, keep going making any minor adjustments needed. Remember to keep yourself at the top of your agenda.

If you are not where you had hoped you would be, take a look at why. Were you truly working for YOUR goals or were they the goals others had for you? Were they realistic? There is no blame here, only re-adjustments. If you are feeling muddled about your goals pull back and above for a better view. Think of the view that birds have soaring above the ground. Soar with them and see where your block or lack of progress occurred. Don’t forget to seek out help to change your perspective if needed. Sometimes we all need a little help getting out of a “rut” so that we can see things in a new way.



Seek clarity with scents like Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon. Yes, scent really can help! Just think how we react to the overwhelming smell of skunk. No matter what may have been going on in the car, just about all of us stop the conversation, argument, singing, etc. and say “Whew, skunk!” when we smell it. Aromatherapy is smelling with a purpose! Choose scents that make you pause and take that deep breath and help you to feel positive.

During this transition month, a month with beginnings (summer, yay!), endings, (graduations, new jobs, etc.) and changes (spring to summer) it is the perfect time to explore, evaluate and adjust your goals. A “reminder” item can also help. You can designate a crystal, stone, or other item that can fit into your pocket as a “reminder.” Each time you feel it in your pocket you will be reminded of your goal. This can help you to steer straight ahead to success!

Take time to breathe today. Take time to see something beautiful today. Take time to smell something good today. And last but not least, take time to SMILE today!

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