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If you’ve seen something here that made you smile, consider being a SmileMonster Supporter!

SmileMonster reaches out to the community, bringing smiles to people at fundraising events, educational facilities, fairs and festivals throughout the Albany area and beyond. 100% of your support will help defray costs incurred through travel, giveaways, website and marketing expenses, and insurance.

Help SmileMonster continue to bring Smiles to the Capital Region!!

Levels of Support

Grin – up to $4
Smile – $5 – $9
Chuckle – $10 – $19
Giggle – $20 – 49
Belly Laugh – $50 – $99
Smile Ambassador – $100 – $249
SmileMonster Executive Board $250 and up

Have your name posted here! Any and all support will be gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.


Smile Executive Board
Colonie Center
Mr. Subb
Craig Wander
Party Warehouse
Smile Ambassador
Belly Laugh

Nancy McKiernan
Liz Colloton
Meghan Singh
Kerry Mendez

Diane Hallenbeck
Jeff Stedge
Oliver’s Cafe
Ruth Tietz
Claudia Bush
Add your name here!
Add your name here!