Hot Summer Weather= Easy to make Cool Down Oreo Freeze Pops

Freeze pops are easy & funWe love the hot weather, but are equally crazy for a delicious cool down treat & there’s nothing better than making homemade freeze pops. We are loving this combination of low fat vanilla yogurt and crushed Oreo cookies = total yum fun that’s super easy to make.  I love any layered flavor that gives a chance to get in the kitchen, enjoy the process, not heat things up with an oven & tastes great….it’s a winner all around!

Oreo Freeze Pops by Jodie Fitz

6 – 5 oz. plastic coated paper cups

6 craft sticks

3 cups low fat vanilla yogurt

6 Oreo cookies

3 tablespoons rainbow sprinkles

Place the Oreo cookies into a Ziploc/snap & seal quart sized bag and mash them until they are crushed like dirt.  Note: You can also use a mini chopper/food processor if you have one; although kids often prefer the baggie crushing method.

Add the sprinkles to the crushed Oreos in the bag, seal it & shake until the sprinkles are Oreos are mixed together.

Fill each paper cup with approximately 2 oz. of the yogurt (about half filled).  Add a layer of the crushed Oreo cookie and sprinkles.  Top each cup with the remaining vanilla yogurt.

Place the craft stick in the center of each cup & place the cups in the freezer overnight.Oreo Freeze Pop Fun

Craft Sticks: The craft sticks can be found in Price Chopper stores in the school supply aisle or at your local craft store.

Removing the Paper Cup: Simply use scissors to clip an incision in the top of the cup and peel the paper cup away. You can dip the cup into warm water to slide it off, but it will contribute to the melting of the pop.

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