Spring News!

DSCF5046Greetings! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nicole, and I am happy to be your Smile Monster Ambassador! I would love to share with you all of the wonderful events Smile Monster has been invited to, and all of the great things that will be happening in and around the Capital Region.

Spring has finally sprung (despite the occasion chill that is still in the air) and so has Smile Monster. The reaction from the community has been wonderful! Within the past two weeks he has been invited to participate in a variety of events, including:

  • New York State Department of Health’s Health Fair and Asthma Screening
  • The March of Dimes Walk
  • NISKA Day
  • Freihoffer’s Run for Women
  • RPI Relay for Life
  • Albany’s Spring Market
  • Local Lift at HVCC Tech SMART Campus
  • SUNY Albany Career Fair
  • YMCA Healthy Kids Day

These are only a few of the events Smile Monster has been requested to attend. The demand for Smile Monster has been “blooming” and all of us at Team Smile Monster can’t wait to see you all soon! Be sure to check out the list of events Smile Monster will be attending!

Nicole Ranieri

Nicole Ranieri

Nicole Ranieri is a transplant to Albany and hails from Lake Ronkonkoma, located on Long Island.  She attended college at the University of Albany and received her B.A. in English. She returned to SUNY for graduate school and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in English. Nicole enjoys books, her pets (Venus and Dragon), and of course, smiling. She also enjoys working with Smile Monster and attending all of the wonderful events that happen in the Capital Region.

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