Winter SmileScope

Smile Scopes are a way for many of us to connect with our inner spirit and be reminded of joy! This connection can be made with descriptions, animals, numbers, crystals, etc. Each person can develop his or her own comfortable connection by exploring the things that make them smile.

Being Still and Quiet

Frost on PineWinter has a way of slowing us down a bit. Just like water and even the air molecules, we are all going a bit slower. It is a necessary pause in movement. It allows us to take stock but not for the purpose of using what we find to further beat ourselves up but for the intent of creating a new path for our day. Yes, just a day.

Long term goals are fantastic but if you do not keep an eye on today it is easy to become derailed, discouraged, depressed and unhappy. When you are driving your car to your destination, it is necessary to keep your eyes on the road but it is equally important to keep an eye on your fuel, warning lights, etc. In order to reach our goals or even more simply put keep moving in a positive direction, we have to have a balance between our long term goals and our daily actions, needs and thoughts.

When we pay attention to those daily things with the long term goal in mind, we are planting seeds!! Seeds that after the covering of snow will grow! The seeds we plant in our life take their time to grow. We have to be patient, consistent in our attention and desire to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

What is truly wonderful about this process is that you can’t do it wrong! There are only 2 possibilities:

Either what you have been doing is a good example of how you would like to continue living your life each day OR what you have been doing is a good example of how NOT to continue living your life each day.

In either situation, you can make small changes that can continue to improve your daily life if that is what you wish. You are the creator of your daily attitude! You can decide how your actions and reactions can help you to keep moving forward.

Enjoy the slower pace. Enjoy the visual display of a clean slate that nature provides in the newly fallen snow. Enjoy the decision to create a beautiful day with your attitude!

Take time to breathe today. Take time to see something beautiful today. Take time to smell something good today. And last but not least, take time to SMILE today!



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