It’s about time for someone or something to focus attention on the good things in life!

You know, there are still just as many reasons to smile as ever. The thing is, all the attention has somehow shifted to what’s wrong. SmileMonster is all about what is right! We look at the positive side of everything.

What good happened today in the fabric of our lives and our community?
Who was responsible for a kind deed, thought or effort?
Who needs a hand, a hug, a smile?

A smile is FREE, HEALTHY, CONTAGIOUS, and ENHANCES OUR LIVES. SmileMonster is on a mission to make a positive difference in our community. Join us in helping the world to focus on the positive. Let’s pay it forward together. First you, then your family, your friends, and people you encounter. Welcome to www.SmileMonster.com, Capital Region’s Community Mascot & Source for Smile Therapy – POWERED BY THE POSITIVE!

SmileMonster ApprovedSmileMonster identifies local businesses and organizations with a clear dedicated commitment to the local community — companies that proactively give back to and enhance the citizens and community they serve. Look for the SmileMonster logo CLEARLY IDENTIFYING all businesses and organizations that help make The Capital District a healthier, happier place to live and thrive!