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Currently seeking sponsors…

Exclusive opportunities in the areas of dental and health care, pets, automotive – or contact us to find out if your category is still open!


We have developed a highly visible community mascot that travels around Capital Region “celebrating” all of the positive, uplifting people, places and things we can find, on a mission to help make people smile more!


From a Marketing standpoint, we have the capability to:

1) Associate our POSITIVE BRAND with your business /organization.

2) Distribute your flyers/promotional pieces/coupons, etc. directly into the hands of your potential consumers around the region, face to face at SmileMonster community appearances.

3) Distribute your flyers/promotional pieces/coupons, etc. at participating SmileMonster sponsor locations; 20 Mr.Subb Locations, Party Warehouse, Play It Again Sports… We interface directly with over 30,000 local consumers each week.

4) Promote your business/organization on We offer Top Banner and Right Side Block Display Ads and links. We also offer BLOG opportunities and the Give Me $5 Coupon Promotion.

5) Make live on-location appearances at your place of business – driving traffic, making smiles, and adding energy and a positive spin to any special event.

We are innovative and open minded and welcome marketing challenges of all shapes and sizes. We seek to establish and develop long term business partnerships with like minded businesses and organizations as we set out on our mission to enhance the quality of life, positive attitudes, health and wellness of our community. Every SMILE, positive thought, hug and act of kindness marks one more step toward a happier world. marketing partnership investments start at $150 per month!

Please contact me directly anytime for further information or simply to chat.

Craig Wander LLC